Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Resurrection of God Incarnate

You may think this is a little off topic. But I want to point out the existence of this book: The Resurrection of God Incarnate by Richard Swinburne. What makes it on topic is that he uses Bayes' Theorem to conclude that there is a 97% chance that Jesus was God incarnate who rose from the dead. I also found this paper on ths subject and some related work here. There has been a long tradition of using logic and mathematics to argue for the existence of God - the most well known being Pascal's wager, but these look like the most sophisticated attempts I have seen so far. I haven't yet taken the time to study either this book or the papers and so I make no comment. But maybe you'd like to.


Blogger Kenny said...

I just gave a talk at the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference about a month ago about conditional probabilities (arguing for Kolmogorov's conditional distributions, rather than Popper's axioms that define unconditional in terms of condition) and Richard Swinburne had some good questions for me then. Only later did I learn from others that he was interested in probabilities at least in part for theological reasons.

Sunday, 07 August, 2005  
Anonymous Bromskloss said...

@Kenny That sounds interesting. Where can I read more about Kolmogorov's and Popper's views or the topic of your talk in general?

Wednesday, 12 December, 2012  

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