Saturday, September 05, 2020

Some pointers to things not in this blog

Some pointers to things not in this blog

One reason I haven't blogged much recently is that my tolerance for has reached its limit and I've been too lazy to build my own platform supporting mathematics and code. (For example, I can't get previewing on blogger to work today so I'm just publishing this and hope the reformatting is acceptable.) But that doesn't mean I haven't posted stuff publicly. So here are some thematically related links to things I've written on github and colab.

Continuations, effects and runners

How to slice your code into continuations

Handling Effects with Jax

Are these runners?
Just a little snippet of code to illustrate how Python's coroutines can be used to support composable runners. See
(The answer is yes.)

Parallel audio

FWIW I think Colab might be my favourite place to share stuff publicly if it supported environments other than Python.


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